Fall Friday

Long week + lots of work hours + insomnia = Cranky Kate!!!  However, its Friday and despite the cold and rainy weather outside I am looking forward to a fun filled weekend in ma citay!!!! 

My friend Kari (another fabulous sorority sister and fellow WKY girl) and I, who are NEVER in town at the same time finally are getting together for 1. Big Blue Madness watch party tonight!! GO CATS!!!!! and 2. Oktoberfest in Germantown tomorrow!!!

I am sure there will be stories to come on Monday, and if not I will be completely disappointed!! 

If you want to check out either event yourself you can go here or here

and here is a little inspiration to take you into the weekend.... I hope it is sunny skies where you are, but due to the dreary rain outside my window this speaks to me today!!

Have a great weekend!!


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