The beginning

I know, I know... I said I was getting started, and then nothing....

But I promise its not because I didn't want to start, its only because I couldn't decide where to begin, and after a convo with one of my wise-beyond-her-years friends who told me to "start today... start where you are today" I just decided to just sit down and start writing.

So here is where I am today.... it's Monday afternoon... my mind is anywhere but work and all I can think about is how many hours until I can go to sleep and how many days until the three day weekend that awaits me upon Friday.... answers respectively are about 6 and 4.  Better than where I started when I got up this morning!  I am still recovering from a wonderful weekend in Louisville and Cincy where I got some much needed time in with my best friends and we managed to throw our Pretty Amy a HUGE SURPRISE 30th birthday party.  I am not sure how you people do it, but when my friends decide to throw a party no detail is spared.... the hardest part was really keeping everything a secret.... a feat I had no idea any of us were truly capable of, but someone how we all managed to get there on time and pull it off, and some of us even managed to throw in a little day drinking at the pool party our hotel was having..... swing dancers included.  Another story for another day!  You know its a good weekend when you are unpacking to find spare glow sticks and cheap sunglasses amongst all your clothes.  I am the absolute worst at saying goodbye to all my friends after such events as these.... luckily yesterday wasn't so bad, seeing that in just 11 short days one of the 8, and youngest of the crew, Julie (JKR, for a little while longer) ties the knot in Chicago so we can all be reunited once again.

So that is where I am today.  I hope your weekends were filled with fabulous friends, maybe a few dranks, and a whole lotta fun.... and I really hope your Monday hasn't been too mean to you!

Will write.... again soon.... maybe tomorrow! ;)