and so we meet again.....

Winston Churchill once said, "If you are going thru hell...keep going."  The past year of my life has been nothing short of this statement, but I have found Mr. Churchill to be correct, in order to survive one must keep going...

Helloooooo old friends, I am back.  After a very, very long hiatus from the writing world, I have found my voice again.  My story may not be spectacular, but it is my story and I promise it's not boring.  Seeing that my blog has had somewhat of a makeover, let's start with my new title... Yes, I do love and I mean love the movie Steel Magnolias, but that however, is not where this fabulous title came from and one must give credit, where credit is due.  If you know me, you know that the past five years and especially this last has been no picnic... we will get to all that shortly, but during a conversation with one of my dear friends, Maureen, discussing events that have occurred she stated that I am indeed a Steel Magnolia... for those of you who do not know what a Steel Magnolia is, here is one of the many definitions that I have found, "steel magnolias are known for their beauty, grace and charm as well as their resourcefulness and inner strength."  There are many many definitions, some longer than others and after reading them, I can say that this compliment was one of the best I have ever received and I am honored to know that she thought of me in such a way.  

So it is with no further ado that I give you my new and slightly improved blog.....I can't always promise to be charming, and my grace may be lacking at times, but when I am needed I will always be there and although even I am not aware of its power at times, my strength shall only grow stronger.  

So here we are yet again.... a little aged, a little bit more worn, perhaps just a tad bit more wise, and a whole lot more fun.... so sit back and enjoy the show!!