Happy Thoughts

There's nothing better than Happy Thoughts.  If only fairy dust was real and we could all fly... wouldn't that be amazing?!  (Although if I had to pick a super power it would definately be invisibility, yes I have thought long and hard and may or may not have created a pro/con list at one point on this very subject).  Anyway, have you ever sat down and thought about all the "happy thoughts" that could elevate you?!  I have a theory that when I am in a bad mood or I am having a bad day or even on the brink of an absolute break down if I could just sit down take a few deep breaths and think or write down all my happy thoughts would take it all away... this theory is in the early stages of being tested.... luckily my bad days have been few and far between lately, so research has been happily halted!

Here are a few of my "Happy Thoughts" that on a good day when I really concentrate can even for a second make me feel as if I am flying......

1. My parents house & the lake.  It will always be home. 
2. Summer and more specifically the 4th of July. I am a big sucker for boats + fireworks + friends + great food.
3. Fresh flowers... peonies + lillies + gardenias + mums.. just to name a few!
4. Driving on a country road in the fall windows down, heat up, great song on, and the smell of a tobacco barn in the distance..... reminds me of my dad and home!
5. Shoulder shaking with my best friends to some techno
6. UK Basketball.... does any other kind exist?!?!
7. Patterson House vodka cobblers + donuts.... there are no words to describe this combo!
8. Taking pictures on my fancy camera I still don't know how to use properly.
9. A good book, one that I can escape into... Great Expectations you get me every time!!
10. Quoting anything from Steel Magnolias or Christmas Vacation.  All life's problems can be solved this way!
11. Looking back at all I have overcome, survived, and lived thru (the list is pretty impressive actually) and hoping that indeed the worst is over and everything else should be a walk in the park by now..... here's really hoping, right?!

I am sure I could go on, but these are the ones I come back to again and again.... and looking over it now, I am not sure how its possible I ever have a bad day, but they are sure to come and I hope my theory proves right!!!

What's your list look like?! 


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