30 BEFORE 30- The Complete List!!!

Well folks... here it is..... the FINAL LIST!!!!  I am so so excited to get this posted and get started on all the tasks that I have exactly 1 year, 4 months, and 18 days to accomplish!!!!  TOTALLY POSSIBLE and should make for an amazing time!!!!


1. Blog/Keep journal everyday for one year.
2. Tour and sample at Yazoo Brewery
3. Go Skydiving
4. Karaoke at Lonnie's by myself
5. Go on a hot air balloon ride
6. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter
7. Meet an elephant
8. Go to The Ellen Show
9. Have a picnic and tour Arrington Vineyard
10. Take a shot with a famous person
11. Spend a weekend in a tree house.
12. Zip Line at the Mega Caverns in Louisville, KY
13. Snow Ski while drinking a beer
14. Run a full marathon
15. Get published
16. See a show at the Blue Bird Cafe and Station Inn
17. Take a pole dancing class
18. Learn to shoot properly using my gun
19. Go one FULL day unplugged... no phone, computer, TV
20. Go to New Orleans
21. Go on the Bourbon Trail
22. Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
23. Learn to bake an apple pie from scratch
24. Read all John Steinbeck books you have not read
25. Go to the Grand Old Opry Show
26. Make treats for a nursing home and take once a quarter for a year.
27. Put five places in a hat and one hour before draw one and take a day/weekend trip impromptu style!
28. Spend NYE 2013/2014 in a different country, one that I have never been to
29. Save at least $800 dollars to go towards a trip to Australia before the age of 40.
30. Masquerade Ball!!

Wish me luck!!!  Have a great weekend!!


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