Allow me to introduce...

Character building is usually left for the writers eyes only.... however since the people in this story actually exist I feel it is only fair they be given a little backstory, an intro if you will..... so in no particular order let me introduce to:

"The Rents"..... Martha Lou and Jesse, also known as my mom and dad.... yes the two people who are responsible for creating this little gem right here.  They do in fact deserve their own post maybe several and that day will come but for now I will keep it short.  They were high school sweethearts, they are soul mates, and basically my heros, and even though it may have taken me a while to completely accept that they are probably two of the coolest parents a child could hope for I must admit its true (do not, I repeat, do not tell my mother I said this).

Yes I have more recent photos, but I love this one of them at my dad's college graduation day!

"My Big Sis-the like, for real one"....Carrie Rae.  Seeing that she will more than likely stumble upon this at somepoint, probably tomorrow, honesty may be the best policy.  Let's face it we haven't always gotten along, we are true sisters.... I am the brat and she is the big sis.  We fought ALOT.  I can also say that we have been thru more than most.  We have fought for each other and for our family, and no matter what I did or what I said or how hard I pushed against things she was and has been and will always be there to pick me up and help me out.  We are pretty close these days, and live in the same citay, and not to brag or anything but she has her own design bizzznass that's ridiculous and you should probably buy something from her, like now!!

"The 8".... also known as Witney, Meggie, Julie, Jaime, Amy, Leigh, and Missy + me of course.  Basically my extended family.... we are more like sisters than friends.  We span from Chicago to Nashville.  Collectively they know me better than I know myself.  They call me on my BS, they listen to me when I complain about life and all my ups and downs, they are a constant source of strength, and I wouldn't last 2 days without any of them.

Just chillin at Meggie and Matt's also known as The Zinser's

"Nashville Partner-in-Crime"... Mrs. Lacey Greene Keally.  Another extended family member, who is also a sorority sister who I wouldn't have made it the past 5 years in Nashville without.  Our friendship can be defind in two phrase:  "Impromtu.  2010." "Drink thru it."  Details will be revealed at a later date.  It should also be mentioned that within the past year she got married and had a baby, and I am now the VERY proud aunt to Jackson Allen Keally.  
Here we all are for Jack's first trip to the zoo!

"The Sistas".... my beautiful, wonderful, sorority sisters who I adore and love and don't get to see enough that span from Lexington, KY to Denver, CO to Chicago, IL and even Europe!  We actually do keep in touch and I talk to several on the reg... lil shout outs to Brady, Leah, Mo Divs, Jennifer....College would not have been the same without these people and my life would be less full.

Lil throw back from our senior year!!!

Ok.... so that should cover just about everyone for now..... I am sure there will be more, but these are the critical ones!  Get familiar, I know you will love them just as much as I do!

Happy Monday Everyone!!


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